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Evolution Intervention &
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HTLive Las Vegas // 2024

  • Host of your unofficial, unsanctioned annual HTLive Pool Party (Thursday 7-9pm)
  • A main-stage headliner at Hypnothoughts Live 2014
  • Member of the Board of Advisors to the (IHF) International Hypnosis Federation
  • Founder of The North American Academy of Hypnosis
  • Founder of the Bay Area Non-Smoking Center
          (over 10,000 people smoke-free with a lifetime guarantee)
  • 100% referral for over 12 years!
  • Creator of The GUZZO PROTOCOL & HypnoticLapBand.com
  • Makes really cool balloon animals too! 
                                  (Get one FREE with registration!)

HYNOTHOUGHTS LIVE,at The Sahara Casino & Resort
JULY, 2024

Text me at 510.759.6407
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Ken's 10 Keys
to a Thriving Hypnosis Practice

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$500 Deposit Now to lock in Best prices for 2024!

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HTL - Las Vegas, NV. Jul. 15-18, 2024 (4 Days)



Self-DirectedSelf Paced

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ICBCH Orlando, March 4-7, 2024 (4 Days)

HTL - Las Vegas, July 22-25, 2024 (4 Days)

 4 day Smoking Cessation+4 day Evolution Intervention
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Balance due 30 days prior to the event.

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A Business in a Box


4 Day Pre Conference Workshop - July 15-18, 2024

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Then you will be earning $700+ per session,
or $2K-3K per day when you see smokers!

I'll show you how I've been 100% referral for 12 years!

1-Make a powerful and lasting first impression. 

2-Establish instant credibility, and immediately differentiate
     yourself from the other hypnotists in your area.

3-Clear the issue from your client's nervous system
     in 10 minutes! 

4-Begin your hypnosis session with your client knowing
     that the change they came in for has already occurred!


-Enhance your clients' emotional experience

-Give your clients a visceral experience of being hypnotized

-Increase your client's success rate

-Create compelling stories for your clients to share with others

-Turn your clients into enthusiastic referrers

-Earn $2,000+ per day 100% referral

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Your first 5 clients will pay for all of this!

Your first 5 clients will pay for ALL of it!

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What Grads have to say.

Class of 2019

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Is your practice ready
for $5,000 clients?

Hypnothoughts LIVE, Las VegasJuly 22-25, 2024 (4 day post-conf.)

(limit 14 participants)

This powerful 4 session process clears, addictions, chronic anxiety, trauma, and creates change on a cellular level.
 Client will pay you $5,000 for this profound transformation.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Help professional athletes lock in "best Day" performance, while clearing drag from their systems for an experience of effortless effort.

Dynamic results for C level Executives

When they can't work smarter or harder, you'll show them how to transform their perception of creative productivity.

Contact me for more information. (510) 759.6407 or enroll with only a $500 deposit below.
 Bundle Deal Available with Smoking Cessation Specialist Certification!

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Event & 90 Day+ Mentoring System!


Talks and Presentations,Hypnothoughts Live 2023

Friday - 1:00pm-5:20pm - 4 hrs -
The 10 Keys to Facilitating Transformational Sessions!

Discover the 10 most important Keys to lead your clients solidly through their transformation, with confidence, outstanding results, and loads of referrals.

This fast paced workshop will include:
Advanced Hypnotic Theory
Practical Applications
LIVE Demonstrations &
Interactive Q&A
I will hold nothing back!

Room: Salon J

Sunday - 1:00pm - 1 hr -

Ask me ANYTHING on Smoking Cessation!

Ask me ANYTHING on Smoking Cessation and I'll hold nothing back!
Bring YOUR questions as they pertain to YOUR practice and we will back out as many answers (and demos) as time permits.

Learn how I built a 100% referral practice,
booked a month in advance,
charging $700 per session,
helping nearly 10,000 people
with a client success rate of 90-95%

Room: Salon I

What do others have to say??

Marsha Starr

Scott Sandland

Stage Hypnotist

Co-Founder, Hypnothoughts

"Hypnothoughts was wonderful, and Ken's Course the icing on the cake, and the best thing I personally got from it."

"We would never think of having Hypnothoughts Live without Ken Guzzo"

Ted Freiband

Phylicia Mason



"...It was awesome!...Ken's course is the best I've ever seen, and I've taken a lot of courses."

"It was life-changing!  Not only was the content good, but Ken was amazing!  Everything has been fun, educational, and filled with heart!"

Michael Allerton

Brandon Dean



"...Just an update on my success with Ken's training. I have booked 10 clients so far, since starting with Ken's process at the end of September...It's all gone well — as Ken equipped and taught us well. Total earnings as of today just with Ken's technique: $5,247" ...thanks, Ken!!!!

"Ken bought me a drink at the bar.  He is a swell guy!"

Michael just bought the BUNDLE!

There's a reason Hypnothoughts grows each year...

The energy among the attendees is friendly, open, and inclusive. 

The presenters are gifted and generous with their material.
Don't stress about your choice.  It would be hard to make a bad one!

Pajama Party - 2016

Celebrating after the show

Ham over Bacon - 2015

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